happy first birthday

On Tuesday No Power in the ‘Verse turned one! I started this blog in the midst of applying to rabbinical school, and I am now trying to finish up my first semester. In that time, I’ve written 63 posts — more than my goal of once a week! Thank you, dear reader(s?), for accompanying me on this journey.

where the magic happens

where the magic happens; photo by salem pearce via instagram

Some of my favorite posts:

My most popular post (because, I think, my husband shared it on Facebook) was about my being forced to think about what makes a marriage.

I continue to enjoy writing posts about the books I read, but those don’t seem to garner many readers. But that’s okay: They, like this blog in general, are first and foremost for me.

This space is proof that writing is a very effective form of therapy.


  1. Anne Snouck-Hurgronje says:


    Will this e-mail reach you? Geez, I’m impressed by your ability to share from one introvert to another. Did you struggle with a feeling that you “had nothing to say” when you started? I can barely squeak out a tweet without feeling self-conscious.

    If you haven’t already, and I bet you have, could you say a prayer for me in your temple for the kids in newtown? I’m trying to figure out what to do with my emotions on this one. I can only remember feeling this bewildered on Sept. 11. All I can think of is trying to perform tiny acts every day that might make a tiny ripple and hold my kids tight enough to feel their heartbeats but not tight enough to alarm them. Alexi’s stepdad said he never knew fear until he became a parent. I’m terrified all over again.

    So, yesterday I became sustaining donor of the Brady campaign. Today, this request to you and maybe even to your whole cohort.

    Thanks, big hug, Anne


    • Hi, Anne. Even as an introvert, I always feel like I have lots to say. But I also think of the blog as just writing for myself, which helps me to process things. And that mostly works because I don’t have a large readership. I will most definitely say a prayer on your behalf for Newtown. I share your bewilderment, and I am desperate for wisdom on this one. A big hug back to you — and your family.

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